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vii / voice

[A clearing of throat and L's voice comes from the pokegear.]

I hope everyone who acquired a lapras egg from me is enjoying their new pokemon. Nevertheless, I have three eggs left if anyone would like.

On a similar note, I would like to expand my team. I have one lapras and one ditto and I find that the pokemon located near Cherrygrove City are not to my tastes. I would quite like something interesting, if only for breeding purposes.

So, please message if you are willing to bargain.


I bought you something.


vi / text / filtered


Requesting information on whether or not you two have murdered each other yet. Reply immediately or I will be forced to call your mothers.


v / video

[Look who is on the screen for once! Instead of text. WHOA.

But he looks rather silly. With his hair tied back, reading glasses on and standing next to a table where a number of Lapras eggs sit. When he notices the Pokegear is on, he stops arranging the eggs and tries to stand up straight.

It fails. He slouches. The large lapras kind of cramped into the room next to the table sighs.]

Good work, Jelly.

[A 'Dit' comes from where the camera is, obviously indicating that his ditto is holding the camera.]

Johto, I come to you with an offer today. Strawberry-kun has decided to breed and actually showed me that Strawberry-kun is not a he but a she. I suppose next time I will have to check the specifics of that. Nevertheless, this poses no problem to me.

[Clearing his throat--]

Because of this I have a number of lapras eggs for sale. The asking price will be about P3500 but I am willing to bargain for other goods, perhaps. Or even eggs of an interesting nature.

I have about... eight, I think, that need good homes. So if anyone is looking for a large plesiosaur-based Pokemon to raise and keep happy, please do come to me. Thank you.

[A bow and the video feed shuts off.]

((OOC: EGG SELLING POST WOO! Here is the official ones who will be getting eggs but I raised the number a bit so if anyone still wants, let me know. O: ))

iii / action for cherrygrove / text

[Anyone who is walking around Cherrygrove early morning, about 10 AM or so, will find one giant lapras sliding through the snow and taking what appears to be a stroll around the city. Sliding through the streets happily.

The curious thing about this lapras is that there is a man on its head. Balanced precariously on its head (aka slipping and sliding almost as he tries to crouch on the top of its head before giving up and just flopping atop it, hands clasped around one it its ears for balance.)

If anyone asks, he's just trying to memorize the city.]

[ TEXT ]
Cherrygrove city is lovely in the morning, or so I have observed.

Also I have found that a lapras is a very convenient way of travel! I highly recommended everyone invest in one if they can.

Question, Johto. Does anyone have a Ditto egg for sale?

ii / video / action for cherrygrove inn

[The video turns on as L digs through his backpack, trying to find a towel or something he could use to dry his hair. It's mid conversation at the time, late night obviously at the time it's being recorded. The hand digging in through the backpack seems to not be paying much attention as he talks.]

--just saying, Light-kun, if you are going to complain you should do it in a productive manner.

Productive manner? [The other voice, Light, hisses the words furiously through grit teeth.] And how exactly do you suggest I do that?

Through interpretive dance, of course. [A pause.] Don't look at me like that. I mean, if you are so inclined to complain in my general direction, then perhaps you should do it in a more colorful way! Then I wouldn't be so bored listening to your repetitive complaints. There is a limit to my patience, Light-kun, and you may have just reached it.

Perhaps, Ryuzaki. [His tone is stretching the limits of polite anger] If you had listened to me in the first place, you wouldn't have to hear about it as we wouldn't be soaking in precipitate. We could have died outside. What do you have to say to that? Hm? No witty comebacks about how reaching Cherrygrove city somehow increases your reasoning ability by, oh I don't know, 2.7% or some other ridiculous number?

Cities are known for increasing the stimulation of the mind, Light-kun. Are you forgetting this fact?

Do you really think that this tangent is going to make me forget that I am incredibly irritated?

Perhaps. [Another pause, the smirk spreading across his face can be heard through his words.] But we have reached the innkeeper.

Your powers of observation are truly astonishing. Truly, you are the world's greatest detective.

Thank you for the compliment. [And then the Pokégear is brought out and set on the counter top while L finally pulls a towel out of his bag. The screen shows a rather irritated looking Light Yagami glaring at the older detective as he dries his hair. A peek out of underneath the towel shows L looking towards the camera, a twitch of the lips and he looks up at Light's words, towel hanging over his head.]

It's a miracle therefore that you somehow missed the weather outside.

I rather like to think that it all falls under the grand scheme of things, most likely. [This, is obviously a joke. A jab towards Light's "God" position. Especially when he adds--] What a sneaky planner you are, Kami-sama. I should applaud you.

[And then he does.]

[For a moment, Light simply stares, his expression darkening with every clap. He calmly lifts the towel off his head and throws it with as much force he can muster at L's face.] What the hell is the matter with you?

[All L does is blink as the towel hits his face before tilting his head to the side and lifting a finger to chew at his thumbnail. His eyes look over Light as if he's some sort of interesting new creature before a smirk crosses his face.] Rather crude for a God.

Oh I'll show you crude-! [He practically lunges at L, drawing a fist, and aiming a punch at the detective's face.]

Gah! [And then with a thump, the two fall to the ground, beginning to fight.]

((OOC: Blue is L, red is Light! Feel free to break them up! Tags will come from either Light, L, Matt, or all three!))

i / text


My name is Ryuzaki and I have two questions for you all.

First. Is there a form of law enforcement other than the natives to this world? I would like to speak to one of the people involved. If I am to be stuck in a foreign world with no recollection of how I arrived or way to leave the world, then perhaps I should make myself acquainted with its systems.

Second. May I please have the location and number for all the known bakeries in this region? I would like to sample their cheesecakes as apparently, being a breeder supplies enough money for cheesecake if I balance it correctly. At least, if my calculations are correct.

Please do not question the logistics of this question, I assure you it is very important.

Oh. One more question.

Breeding. Is there any way to hurry up the process? I have read my manual and have deduced that perhaps, through breeding a certain number of Pokémon or through the right combination of Pokémon genes, I will be able to provide them the correct Pokémon which will allow them to send me home. A logical conclusion, correct?

Nevertheless, I hope you all have a very good day and I hope to get to know each and every one of you.